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Imeime Umana for president of the United States.

Imeime Umana, the Akwa Ibom lady who made it as the first black woman to be president of Havard Law Review has been congratulated by a lot of people. Some say she
might be the first black female President of the United States. Recall that Barack Obama had also made history as the first black man elected to that post. See tweets below.

.@HarvardBLSA @KatrinaNation @imeimeumana I look forward to seeing Imelme Umana take oath of office as POTUS in 2037.

— James McPherson (@JimBMcPherson) January 30, 2017


@HarvardBLSA @HouseOfMichele @imeimeumana Looking forward to our first Black Woman President in 20 years!

— S Puryear (@smp0312) January 30, 2017


@HarvardBLSA Congrats>Keep Up Good Work😄 pic.twitter.com/SJkUvpbt3Y

— Katherine Hull (@katspeek) January 30, 2017


@HarvardBLSA @imeimeumana maybe she will be president one day. Congrats!

— Earnesta Taylor (@etlaw) January 30, 2017


@HarvardBLSA @imeimeumana I’ll just call it right now. ” first female president ” Imelme Umana #rememberthename

— Fela Adegness (@feladeg) January 30, 2017


@HarvardBLSA @jfreewright Wow, that is AMAZING that it’s taken so long. Congratulations, @imeimeumana!!! You are an inspiration.

— Pamela Alexander (@jeditigger) January 30, 2017

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