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#FreeAudu #FreeAuduMaikori: Audu Maikori, Chocolate City Boss has been arrested by the police.

Nigerian lawyer and CEO of Chocolate City Entertainment, Audu Maikori, has been arrested by the police. He was arrested on Friday and according to his Lawyer, the arrest is linked to his tweets about a fatal attack on his relatives in Southern Kaduna that turned out to be false. Audu tweeted about the killings on the 23rd of

January 2017.

My driver’syounger brother &5 others students of college of education gidanWaya were ambushed & killed by herdsmen yesterday #SouthernKaduna

— AuduMaikori (@Audu) January 23, 2017

On the 4th of February 2017, Audu Maikori retracted and apologised for posting the tweets and explained how he was misled by his driver, Mr. Simon Joseph.

“I hereby tender an unreserved and sincere apology to the Management of the College of Education, Gidan Waya, His Excellency the Governor of Kaduna State and the Kaduna State Government, and also to the people of Southern Kaduna and the Fulani community and also VANGUARD newspapers whos source was my driver for the false statement by my driver which I also publicized believing same to be true.

This action is made even more imperative because I understand that as a leader in my community, my statements are taken seriously and shapes the narrative. But nothing is more important in leadership than owning up to mistakes honestly and with integrity regardless of the repercussions or circumstances.” He wrote.


Right’s Nigeria yesterday tweeted about Audu’s arrest. Read the tweets below.

#Breaking #SouthernKaduna: Men from @PoliceNG have taken away @audu from Lagos today. He is presently held at Police HQ in Abuja /1 pic.twitter.com/5CkByWcbk3

— RightsAfrica (@chairmanNHRC) February 17, 2017

V. Credible sources @PoliceNG HQ I’m #Abuja indicate they took away @Audu from Lagos on a warrant from Magistrates in #Kaduna pic.twitter.com/stokRWghnY

— RightsAfrica (@chairmanNHRC) February 17, 2017

It looks like some folks pretty high up want @Audu to at least spend the week-end in detention for raising his voice on #SouthernKaduna /4 pic.twitter.com/dZqExLeIFF

— RightsAfrica (@chairmanNHRC) February 17, 2017

It appears @policeNG have take @Audu on charges of alleged “incitement”, a colonial era crime against vocal advocates for freedom /3 pic.twitter.com/nyvwhBlArw

— RightsAfrica (@chairmanNHRC) February 17, 2017

According to Premium times, Audu’s lawyer, Mark Jacobs said he was told by the police that a magistrate issued warrant for Mr. Maikori’s arrest and are planning to charge him with attempt to “incite” the public. Audu was arrested in Lagos around noon Friday by a team of police officers attached to inspector-general monitoring and intelligence team and was immediately transferred to the Force Headquarters in Abuja. Mr. Jacob also added that Mr. Maikori’s driver was arrested a few days ago in Lagos, and had remained in detention ever since.

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