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Buhari Supporters are losing confidence in him, Kperogi and Fawehinimi speak out.

A former supporter of President Muhammadu Buhari and Associate Professor at the Kennesaw State University, Georgia, United States, Farooq Kperogi, and Economic analyst and former supporter of President Buhari, Feyi Fawehinimi are among the many Nigerians who are gradually
losing their confidence in President Muhammadu Buhari.

Farooq Kperogi in an interview with Bayo Akinloye, when asked about his support for President Buhari said “I am neither against him nor do I hate him. On the contrary, my criticism of the (President Muhammadu) Buhari administration’s tragic missteps and rank incompetence is animated by love – tough love.”

“As recently as November 19, 2016, I defended him against false charges that he contributed millions of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I can go on, but that’s irrelevant now. But even in my support for him, I’ve also been critical and cautious. I called him out when he refused to declare his assets. I criticised what I called the embarrassing ‘Arewacentricity’ of his appointments, and so on. Now, it is obvious to me that Buhari doesn’t have the preparation, the competence, and the moral strength to govern any country. It’s a sobering epiphany.” He added.

On the other hand, Feyi Fawehinimi when asked the same question, said “It was sometime midway last year. It just became clear to me that the government sold one thing during the campaign and were doing another thing entirely upon assumption of power.

The sheer pointless and needless suffering Nigerians have been put through in the name of discredited ideas and waste-of-time economic policies has been too much to bear. For me, Nigeria is the point of any support and I consider it a serious mistake on my part to have blindly supported Buhari like I did in 2015.”

While Kperogi says Buhari is not competent to rule any country, Fawehinimi says he considers it a serious mistake to have supported Buhari.

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