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African Mum Blames ‘witchcraft’ After She Killed Her 3 Children By Driving Into A Lake.


A 37-year-old African lady, Akon Guode has pleaded guilty to murdering three of her children by driving her car into a lake. Her 2005 Toyota Kluger became submerged in a lake in Melbourne, Australia killing her Twins Madit and Anger Manyang, four, and Bol, one, in the process, while Awel, six, was left fighting for her life after the crash. 

The police accused Guode of driving into Lake Gladman on purpose, but she initially claimed she was not responsible because she was under the “spell” of witchcraft at the time. Now she has admitted charges of murder and attempted murder.

Victoria Police collision investigator and civil engineer Detective Senior Constable Robert Hay said: “From the drive-throughs of the collision scene, it is my opinion that the car could not and did not just drift off the roadway.” The car had smashed through shrubs as it careered towards Lake Gladman before continuing for another 10 metres and sinking.


Police and passers-by immediately leaped into action and dived into the water to try and help all those in the car.

The heartbroken father of the children, who came from a Sudanese family had initially believed the crash was an accident.

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