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We think Noah Cyrus, sister to Miley Cyrus had a plastic surgery and it went bad. People don’t know who she is anymore.

Noah cyrus
Noah Cyrus after plastic surgery.

Noah Cyrus, Sister to popular pop star, Miley Cyrus seems to have gotten a major plastic surgery and her face has gone from good to worse.

Noah Cyrus
Noah Cyrus in November 2014 (left) vs. April 2017 (right). (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

The 17-year-old singer who obviously has been mocked about her looks which is not all bad, decided to do something about it and we think it’s way out of proportion.

Some plastic surgeons when asked what they think, decided to analyse her looks.

Speaking to In Touch, Dr. Vartan Mardirossian said, “She has significantly increased facial volumes (cheeks, upper and lower lip, and chin) and her eyebrows appear to be higher.”

“She may have had botox to lift her brows as well as possible fillers, fat grafting, and facial implants to explain her plumper appearance.”

Well, as we all know, people have made enough comments on her matter. Lol. Check out few comments below:

“She looks like a muppet. The fillers in her lips and cheeks are AWFUL. If she wanted to get plastic surgery, she should have told the doctor to make her look like her sister, Miley. She was halfway there anyways.”

“She better stop now. No amount of surgery will fix that face. Now, instead of looking like an Appalachian Miley, she looks like Miley had a baby with Cher. Just enjoy being rich.”

“I kinda feel sorry for the girl because she’s been clowned since she was like 7 years old but that surgery didn’t help one bit. She should’ve given herself a few more years. She just turned 17.”

Well, we think she shouldn’t try this anymore.