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Felix Hernandez Loses $3m Jewellery to Burglars.


Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez has been robbed of his $3 million in jewelry and goods from homes in Seattle, Bellevue and surrounding areas in Washington state.

Reports say he is one of the 123 people who was
targeted in a burglary ring with the Police arresting three suspects on Wednesday after a nine-month investigation led them to a house in West Seattle where they recovered $500,000 worth of stolen items, according to the Seattle Times,

Hernandez lost more than $1.5 million after the burglars broke into his home in November, including a diamond watch engraved with his nickname, “King Felix,” which the police found one suspect wearing upon arrest.

Oddly, a 2000 Yankees World Series ring was also taken from the Mariners ace and recovered in the suspects’ stash. The iconic item was later reportedly revealed to be one of thousands of replicas the Yankees handed out during a game Hernandez started for the Mariners in 2015, according to CBS Sports.

According to the police, the group targeted high-end homes and used the money from the stolen items mainly on luxury meals, strip clubs and travel.

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